IUGO | Starcenter

More than a client, Starcenter is a friend of the family. They are one of Uruguay’s main technology importer and wholesaler. We have been working together for quite a few years now and we can proudly say that they are happy with their online growth and presence, which we have been building together as a team.

IUGO | Starcenter

Long ago, Starcenter wanted to be ahead of the curve and approached IUGO to build their online presence and e-commerce. Passionate as we are about what we do, we have been working day after day along with them to stay atop the market, increase conversions and boost their sales.

IUGO | Starcenter

What does being ahead of the market mean? Building a trustworthy e-commerce site and experience for the Uruguayan target market, and also nurture Starcenter’s online presence through their website, landing pages, e-shop, email marketing and social media. Our best developers, designers and project managers dedicate all their love and minds to accomplish all these goals and achieve the best results.


Starcenter has total confidence and firm reliance on the integrity of our services. This makes us very happy indeed and enables us to propose new ideas, tools, features and solutions to keep growing their e-commerce. Check out the recently re-designed website with their new identity and marketing strategy: