IUGO | Sistema Nacional de Emergencias
Sistema Nacional de Emergencias

In Uruguay, the National Emergency System (SINAE) permanently coordinates public institutions advocating for integral disaster risk management: prevention, mitigation, preparation, response, rehabilitation and recovery. SINAE organization reached out to us as they needed to rebrand their identity.

IUGO | Sistema Nacional de Emergencias

SINAE had an existing identity which was outdated and didn’t actually represent what the current organization is today, as it involves more players than 20 years ago when that identity was created. Also, SINAE wanted to relate more with younger generations and keep abreast of other international organizations identities.

IUGO | Sistema Nacional de Emergencias

We based the new identity on the 3 main players of integral risk management: the state, the population and volunteering; as well as on the 3 main goals of SINAE: protect the people, meaningful goods and the environment.


A new identity that can be defined as modern, easy to identify but with powerful strength and meaning. A new identity that delivers a cohesive and comprehensive message and that effectively accomplishes the re-branding and communication goal.