IUGO | Sammel eShop
Sammel eShop

Sammel is a top distributor of consumer products for the graphic industry. This company has more than 20 years of experience in Uruguay and trusted us to build their website and e-shop. Such an honour!

IUGO | Sammel eShop

This company has always been defined by innovation and quality, therefore their e-shop needed to communicate and respect that. Our goal was to build a reliable and powerful e-commerce customized to our client's needs.

IUGO | Sammel eShop

We built Sammel's e-shop with Laravel PHP framework due to the product's complexity, level of customization and security. The e-shop needed to be connected to our client's ERP and keep their stock in sync. Also, once a sale had been done, the product catalog needed to be updated to create and trigger the orders.


We built a trustworthy responsive e-commerce site synced with the client's database. This included: custom and unlimited products, shopping cart, automatic order creation, discount codes, marketing offers, sales notifications and reports.