IUGO | Rebranding El Gallito
Rebranding El Gallito

¨Libro de los Clasificados¨ is a classified ad service from one of the main newspapers of Uruguay, El País. This ad service and its mascot, ¨El Gallito Luis¨ (a colorful and happy rooster named Luis), is not just a product, it’s a brand that belongs to Uruguay’s folk, due to its history and due to the fact that it has been an icon since 1983.

IUGO | Rebranding El Gallito

El País reached IUGO looking for a partner that would bring Gallito Luis closer to the digital native generations. They knew that a radical redesign was necessary, not only of their mascot and icon but also of all their communication materials and strategy. Music to our ears!

IUGO | Rebranding El Gallito

An exhaustive exploration aroused several posible solutions to the brands’ communicational problem. We decided to focus all our energies on one simple and versatile icon that managed to transform the previous mascot into an abstract concept but keeping its essence. Gallito Luis transcends through a modernization but keeps immortalized at the same time.


The new Gallito Luis fits seamlessly in the digital interface of the classified ad service, delivering a clearer, faster and simpler message to the users.