IUGO | Montecable Go Live
Montecable Go Live

MCGolive is the latest streaming product of Montecable, one of the main cable television companies from Uruguay. We designed the user interface of MCGoLive’s responsive web platform which includes live entertainment and on-demand video streaming.

IUGO | Montecable Go Live

Montecable had an existing on-demand web product called Click&Play but wanted to take one step forward towards the benefits of technology and let their consumers experience live entertainment streaming as well. That’s why they launched MCGoLive, a native iOS and Android app for live streaming. But a web platform was still missing to complete the whole digital experience. Let the challenge begin!

IUGO | Montecable Go Live

Acknowledging the challenge and our client goals, we went through the design process of MCGoLive web platform. This new platform needed to include the following actions: play live content, enable zapping, record, stream and rent on-demand content, schedule, favorite content, switch languages and subtitles, manage multiple devices and more. We started by the analysis of Montecable’s target audiences, and research of the main streaming products of Montecable’s top direct and indirect competitors. By anticipating our users goals, we stablished certain user flows to accomplish those goals and enabled us to take user-driven design decisions. Once the brainstorming and sketching was done we moved on to high fidelity wireframes that led us to the user interface design phase.


An immersive web and mobile experience that let Montecable consumers stream live TV and on-demand contents. The outcome was a sleek and dark user interface, following the deference principle where the UI helps users understand and interact with the content, but never compete with it. The vibrant colors of the entertainment content stand out and let the content speak for itself. Check it out & enjoy: