IUGO | Cloudtimes

Cloudtimes is an attendance tracking software that helps businesses manage their workforce time and attendance in real time. For this new product from Labtec, cellphone distribution company in Uruguay, we created the identity, worked on the user experience and the interface design of the web platform and its Laravel development.

IUGO | Cloudtimes

Our client came to us with an idea, a physical product and a need. They wanted a team in which they could trust to build their new product from scratch: branding + web platform + marketing site. Challenge accepted!

IUGO | Cloudtimes

We worked all together to bring this product to life: designers, developers, our client and the end users. Part of creating and building this product was to understand how it would help businesses manage their workforce and decide how to better display that information and data of time & attendance tracking on the web platform. As to the development process, we worked with Scrum, an agile methodology that let us focus on quality and service; and on the technical side, we used Laravel 5.4 framework and Vue.js. Fast iteration and constant feedback from our client really helped towards a simple and effective process!


We created a corporate but delightful and fresh identity, designed a user-friendly interface focused on businesses needs and built a robust and responsive application for real-time attendance tracking. We are happy to say that the challenge was accomplished! Learn more about Cloudtimes in