IUGO | Astroselling

Astroselling is an online platform to manage MercadoLibre stores quickly, easily and on a massive scale (MercadoLibre is Latin America's most popular e-commerce site by number of visitors) This project is actually a IUGO spin-off, as it was created by our very own CTO and therefore incubated in-house.

IUGO | Astroselling

Astroselling is part of the IUGO family. This project was incubated in-house and we all contributed with our grain of sand. The biggest challenge was from the dev side to build such a smart and friendly tool to effectively make retailers life easier and help them boost their sales.

IUGO | Astroselling

This project was led by the development of its main feature: massive scale publish of items on MercadoLibre stores. Developers and scrum master worked along with beta tester companies that validated the product on its first stages. We also worked along with MercadoLibre which certified us as part of their partners program. As part of this product’s life cycle, our team created an identity for Astroselling, designed and built the web-app for the tool itself and the marketing site for lead generation.


A smart, intuitive, easy-to-use and 100% customizable tool that publishes in MercadoLibre on a massive scale. Within it main features we have: stock sync with ERPs, multiple integrations, automatic replies built with AI, shipping and payments management, reports and sales analysis. Learn more about this software development and its fresh identity in