Sammel eShop
Sammel is a top distributor of consumer products for the graphic industry. This company has more than 20 years of experience in Uruguay and trusted us to build their website and e-shop. Such an honour!
More than a client, Starcenter is a friend of the family. They are one of Uruguay’s main technology importer and wholesaler. We have been working together for quite a few years now and we can proudly say that they are happy with their online growth and presence, which we have been building together as a team.
Sistema Nacional de Emergencias
In Uruguay, the National Emergency System (SINAE) permanently coordinates public institutions advocating for integral disaster risk management: prevention, mitigation, preparation, response, rehabilitation and recovery. SINAE organization reached out to us as they needed to rebrand their identity.
RYPT is a web-based training solution for gyms and personal trainers designed to help them engage and retain members more effectively. It’s a tool that is as relevant for the casual gym user as it is for elite athletes. IUGO redesigned the web-app and helped this irish client introduce new and superior functionalities to the product.
Astroselling is an online platform to manage MercadoLibre stores quickly, easily and on a massive scale (MercadoLibre is Latin America's most popular e-commerce site by number of visitors) This project is actually a IUGO spin-off, as it was created by our very own CTO and therefore incubated in-house.
Montecable Go Live
MCGolive is the latest streaming product of Montecable, one of the main cable television companies from Uruguay. We designed the user interface of MCGoLive’s responsive web platform which includes live entertainment and on-demand video streaming.
Cloudtimes is an attendance tracking software that helps businesses manage their workforce time and attendance in real time. For this new product from Labtec, cellphone distribution company in Uruguay, we created the identity, worked on the user experience and the interface design of the web platform and its Laravel development.
Rebranding El Gallito
¨Libro de los Clasificados¨ is a classified ad service from one of the main newspapers of Uruguay, El País. This ad service and its mascot, ¨El Gallito Luis¨ (a colorful and happy rooster named Luis), is not just a product, it’s a brand that belongs to Uruguay’s folk, due to its history and due to the fact that it has been an icon since 1983.